Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Friends and family!

Dylan has met a lot of friends and family over the past 9 weeks!

So, we put together a gallery of pictures of various people she's met and will continue to add to it.

Please feel free to skip to the bottom of this post to check out the pics if you like. But one of the main reasons we started this site was to document highlights of Dylan's life and progress along the way. A picture is worth a thousand words, but some words to add context can be helpful. Hoping to create something she (and perhaps a baby brother if that's in the cards) can look back on in 10, 20, 30 years from now.

Long winded narrative begins in 3..2..1.....

Dylan's Grandma and Grandpa Doan and Aunt Amber were the first to meet her. She was hard to miss since they were in the same room!

Our friend Kami was her first visitor at the hospital, followed by Shari.

Uncle Joel and Aunt Denise met her at home.

Our friend Iliana and her daughter Gigi came by a few days later.

Shari brought her daughters Abby and Sam later on too.

"Uncal" Ed and Michelle came for an overnight trip from Phoenix on Feb 24. They brought a bottle of Dom Perignon and a Wagyu Tomahawk steak (Google it. Amazing).

Next up, Grandpa and Grandma Ladd all the way from Brunswick, Maine. They drove roughly 2800 miles in 3 days. I don't think most teenagers with an IV drip of coffee (or anything stronger) could maintain that pace. On their way back home, they drove from Tucson, AZ to Hope, AR in one day.  That's 17 hours per Google Maps. Don't try that at home.

Our friend Connie came over to say hello.

Paul and Wendy from Phoenix came to spend a night and see our beautiful girl. What a blast we had :)

Dylan's Great Aunts Kathy, Betsy and Sue came for a visit (Grandpa Doan's sisters), all the way from Illinois and Florida. We spent a wonderful Thursday afternoon visiting with them, and then a nice party on Saturday where Dylan met even more family, including Kari, Amy, Karlie, Chloe and Bree. Jay and Cora, Nancy, and probably some others I'm forgetting (sorry)!

We brought her into Dad's office at VIP Mortgage in Tucson, and met lots of Mom's former co-workers, too many to list and we didn't get one picture. Fail.

A couple days later we went to VIP's corp office in Scottsdale, where Dylan was greeted by even more friends and co-workers. She met a lot of new friends, but spent the most time with Denise.  As a side note, Mom and Dad met through VIP Mortgage when he was working in Scottsdale, and she was in Tucson. Dad wanted Mom to move to Phoenix.  We live in Tucson. Enough said.

Second side note, this was Dylan's first road trip and she did great!  Not a peep out of her during the 2 hour ride there. She was a little fussy on the way home, but so was Dad. Long day!

So without any further delay, here's some more pics :)

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  1. Dylan has lots of family & friends that love her and her dad & mom. So glad we could come visit! It was something much stronger than coffee that motivated us along those many miles. ? It's love ?
    Blessns ~ mom


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