Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spring has sprung in 2021

We've already had some 90+ degree days, and the girls have been enjoying their little pool and other water toys. Some swimming at Papa and Mimi's can't be far off.

Dylan has mastered her scooter and Payton has just got into the action also. Pretty impressed with their skills at this age, can't wait until they get their first real bikes.

Dylan is a bit over 3 feet tall now, and Payton around 2.5. Payton just has a couple teeth left to come out, they are both healthy and mostly happy. Their favorite shows are Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street. Dylan loves Cocomelon too, Mom and Dad do not. Their favorite toys are blocks, babies, Little People, markers, crayons and bubbles! Anything to do with bubbles. And of course whatever the other one has.

Our biggest challenges are waking up too early and remembering our potty training. They play and share together pretty well most of the time, but things can get ugly pretty quick! Typical kid stuff I guess.

Well I think that catches us up for now, here's some pics from the first part of 2021.

Apr 2021

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Friday, April 9, 2021

2020 pics

The girls are doing great! Dylan is about 95% potty trained now, they are sleeping in the same room finally, and Payton has never slept better. She has a lot of words for a 19 month old too, at least compared to her sister at that age. But Dylan didn't have the benefit of an awesome big sister to teach her. It's definitely monkey see, monkey do time, Payton wants to do everything big sis does :)

Enjoy a look back at the year that tested us all...


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