Friday, April 13, 2018

2 months!

Dylan had her first set of shots yesterday, but she handled it like the awesome baby she is. She cried of course, but recovered within a minute and was back to her happy self.

She's been a little sleepier than normal, but that's about it for side effects. The nurse told us some babies pass out from the experience (that is shocking!) but this was less troublesome than missing a feeding by 5 minutes for her, so we're happy.

Some tidbits for posterity:

  • She recently graduated from Newborn to Size 1 diapers. These should take us to 14 pounds or so.

  • She is really starting to recognize us, follow our movements, smile and laugh.

  • Dr Beth was very pleased with her progress at her 2 mo appt. All vitals are great, neck control and awareness looking very good.

  • She continues to be a very good sleeper, waking up to eat every 3-5 hours or so, but has never kept us up for hours on end. We feel very fortunate for that!

  • She's still working on understanding the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Looks like she might be a great soccer player the way she kicks her legs.

  • She's a whopping 10.4 lbs! Almost 4 lbs of wholesome breast milk packed on since birth.

Here's a growth chart as an added Nerdy Dad bonus.

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