Thursday, August 8, 2019

Hey Payton, come out and play!

As of 8/8/19 Payton Pennington Ladd is 3 days past her due date. She's given us several signs over the past couple weeks that she's ready to come join us, but apparently was just teasing .

If she doesn't decide to come out on her own, Mama will be admitted into the hospital on Monday 8/12/19 (exactly 18 months from Dylan's birthday) and they'll induce labor. Dylan took her time and came out on her own, and hoping Payton will do the same. Either way we'll just be glad to meet her.

In the meantime, those of us in the outside world are doing well. Mom and Dad got a new (to us) car with more room for the girls, and are celebrating about a year in our new house. The renters in our first house have never missed a payment and have been very easy, so we're thankful for that.

Dylan has about 8 teeth in various states of completion now, and has been such a strong young lady dealing with them. She's not speaking more than a few words yet, but her understanding and other communication skills are amazing. She loves to climb, "reading" is still her favorite activity and has really been watching the birds in our backyard lately.

We'll update everybody once Payton has joined us, and here are some pics taken over the past couple months.


  1. Brian and Ashlynn - with all the bad stuff going on in the world today, your posts certainly help to brighten the days. I just adore your ‘happy little family’ and I love each one of you. We can’t wait to see Peyton - that just brings more smiles! Love, k

  2. I am so anxious to meet (via FB) Payton! I love your posts of your family’s growth! Ashlynn looks ready! I’ll keep her in my prayers that she has an easy delivery. Dylan just gets cuter and cuter! Love you all!


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