Friday, May 3, 2019

May 2019 update

Hello everybody, we've got another quick update for you. Everybody is still doing great. Mom is chugging along growing another wonderful baby girl, she is such a trooper. Dad doesn't know where she gets the energy to run the house, take care of Dylan and carry around a big old bowling ball in her belly, but she's a boss. Got about 3 months to go until we meet Payton Pennington Ladd, we can't wait to meet her!

For those keeping track, Dylan's middle name is her Mom's maiden name, and Payton's middle name is her paternal grandmothers maiden name. As an IT guy involved in security, I probably shouldn't be posting these details, but since about 10 people read this per quarter, I think we'll be safe.

She's walking around like an old pro, she even puts herself to bed. It's the most amazing thing, around 7PM every night, she'll start to get sleepy. We ask her if she wants to go to bed, and 8 times out of 10 she'll march right to her bedroom ready for a diaper change, a recitation of Time for Bed and ready to saw some logs.

Dylan is going on 15 months old now. Still only has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth, and she is fine with that. She loves grapes, cottage cheese, eggs, any bread like substance, Cheerios, strawberries and mandarin oranges. The last two need to be eaten in moderation, as they tend to burn a little on the way out...

She's not talking much yet, but her pointer finger, "Uhs" and "Ahs" speak volumes. I'm sure once she's ready she'll have plenty to say :)

Dad has finally found a good way to share photos from Google Photos, so hopefully we'll share updates more frequently.


  1. In paragraph three of your narrative, you write about the fact that she puts herself to bed, etc. For a minute there I couldn’t tell if you were talking about Dylan or Ashlynn . . . .?? Sounds as if Ashlynn probably has to be worn out at the end of the day . . .
    Thank you so much for sending these pics. It is wonderful to be able to see Dylan grow up even though we are so far away, and it will be great to see Peyton do the same.
    Our love and kisses to all of you, k

  2. She is growing up so fast! Thanks so much for the updates. I just love you guys so much!


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