Monday, March 5, 2018

Accomplishments at 3 weeks

So far I...

  • Have rolled on my side

  • Can follow objects with my eyes and also turn my head to follow when being carried

  • Can fill 3 diapers in 3 minutes

  • Have stolen many hearts

  • Breastfeed like a champ

  • Sleep a lot, but mostly through the night

Leave some comments if you like!


  1. First!
    She is awesome. I can’t wait to get to hold her. Love the New baby smell, better than new car smell.

  2. You are first! Hopefully not the last, but only time will tell. If nothing else Dylan might get a kick out of looking back at this site while she’s hovering around in her flying car.

  3. She is so awesome! Uncle Bill and I love her already, and I can't wait to see her. Too bad we are all coming out at the same time - I'm going to have to fight my sisters to get to hold her!!!


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