Spring has sprung in 2021

We’ve already had some 90+ degree days, and the girls have been enjoying their little pool and other water toys. Some swimming at Papa and Mimi’s can’t be far off. Dylan has mastered her scooter and Payton has just got Read more

2020 pics

The girls are doing great! Dylan is about 95% potty trained now, they are sleeping in the same room finally, and Payton has never slept better. She has a lot of words for a 19 month old too, at least Read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been a while since our last post, so we’ve got a bunch of photos and updates to share. To Dylan and Payton reading this sometime in the future, hopefully “coronavirus” and “pandemic” are foreign subjects to you. We’re almost Read more

June 2020 update

Hello world, quick update here, wanted to share a pretty cool video that Google Photos made. Great quality for something put together by machines. Hopefully we’ll get one for Payton soon. Speaking of Payton, she has about 6 teeth now, Read more

New comments feature

I’ve never liked the way this site handles comments, but found a small improvement today. You can now use your WordPress, Google, Facebook or Twitter account to fill in your name and it should remember you next time you visit. Read more