Sad day :(

Sadly we lost our precious Sasha yesterday 4/3/18. She was diagnosed with Splenic Hemangiosarcoma (cancer) on 7/9/17.  Based on the tumor that was growing and spreading, they gave her a few weeks, maybe a couple months to live.  We did some research and found some supplements that are believed to help with situations like this.  Twice a day she’d take 2 Yunnan Baiyao and 2 Turkey Tail pills with the help of some peanut butter or Easy Cheese.

She was with us for 9 months after that terrible day  we got the news, so we’re so grateful for the extra time and of course that she got to meet Dylan. Ashlynn said Sasha was pleased with our progress over the past 7 weeks and felt it was safe to leave Dylan with us and it was her time to go.  We’ll miss her a ton.

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  1. Sorry to learn about Sasha, but you kept her alive for about ten months which is remarkable for a disease that sounds that bad. Maybe she figured that Dylan was in good hands, and she could let go. She didn’t need to protect her any longer. K

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