November 2019

A quick look at the calendar shows me it’s been almost 4 months since our last update 🙁 When I started this digital scrapbook for our family and friends, I really did not want it to get lost in the shuffle. The whole idea was to keep posting at least monthly.

But it turns out having two kids under 2 years old takes a toll on your spare time and creativity. Also your sanity, patience, etc. Somehow the Earth has continued to spin since our last post, so I guess we can’t get too upset.

It’s getting late again already, so I’ll keep it brief. Both girls are healthy and happy, Dylan is a great big sister, Payton is super strong, healthy and growing like a weed. Not to say we don’t have our challenges. Far from it. But whatever bumps we hit always seem to be outweighed by the moments captured in these photos. Enjoy!

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